Academy Schedule


     3:30 pm Tai Chi Forms Class. Open to "Advanced" Academy students. On-going in-depth study of traditional Tai Chi empty hand forms. Especially good for 2nd & 3rd Duan students.


     11 am TaijiFit Theory, Philosophy and Advanced Methods. Open to "Advanced" Academy students. Designed for 3rd and 4th Duan students.


     10 am Tai Chi Cane form class. Taught by Joshua Grant. Open to "Advanced" Academy students. Joshua also teaches Chen style, and this time slot may alternate to Chen forms classes.

     3:30 pm Beginners Tai Chi class. Open to all levels. Focuses on learning the fundamentals of traditional Tai Chi: 9-movement Form, essential Principles, basic concepts. Designed for 2nd Duan students.


     11 am  Tai Chi Fan class. Open to "Advanced" Academy students. This class is really for fun, and variously offers sword classes, fan classes and other Tai Chi "implements."


     7 am  Sunday All Levels. Open to all student levels. The week in review, plus a Tai Chi workout and lesson for all.